Pintail Duck Hunting in Utah

pintail duckYou should be able to easily point out a Pintail Duck in Utah with its long neck and pointy tail. You will find that the males tend to have a longer and more distinctive tail than females. The wings are long and narrow when the pintail duck is in flight. The males have a white breast and a white line that goes down their dark brown head and neck. While in flight you will also be able to see a green speculum on the male’s inner wing feathers. The females will show off their bronze inner wing feathers while they are in flight.

How Pintail Ducks Behave in Warm Springs

All year-round you will see Pintail Ducks hanging out on the surface of the water or warm springs. You will see them picking on insects and seeds using their long bills. Some of these ducks will even waddle out to the edges of the water or through agricultural fields to find something to nibble on. During the nonbreeding season, you will rarely see this bird associating with any other ducks. They are a social bird so you will typically find them gathered in large populations.

Interesting Facts on Pintail Ducks

  • Pintail ducks don’t take their time when it comes to breeding. Once the temperatures warm up, they start nesting
  • They migrate during night time at approximately 48 miles per hour
  • While you can find pintails in Utah and around the U.S., they are also found in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe

Best Gear for Hunting Pintail Ducks

You never want to rush the shot when you are hunting Pintail Ducks because they are fast. Get yourself a slower gun mount that will make the ducks appear to fly slower than they really are. You can even get yourself shotshells of Nos. 2 or 4 steel to improve your chances of hitting the target. Mounting your gun will also help for those summer months when the springs are warmer. A modified choke 12-gauge shotgun would work best for hunting Pintail Ducks.