Canadian Geese Hunting in Utah

canadian geeseCanadian Geese are large water birds with features such as a long neck, webbed feet, and a flat bill. They have a very distinctive pattern with its black head and white cheeks and chinstrap. You will find that their necks are also black, breast area is tan, and back is brown. These large bodies can be found anywhere, whether it’s near water surfaces, in fields of grass, or on lawns. They have been successful in adapting themselves to human-altered locations. When they are in flight, they rarely fly alone and will be in pairs or flocks. If they are in flocks, they often get into a V-like formation.

Hunting & Calling Canadian Geese

The big “Honkers” as they are most commonly known, are popular hunting waterfowls and has become a sport in Utah. Hunters look forward to hunting at Rush Lake Game Birds during the Fall migration. The Canadian geese migrate and create V formations up above, giving them exciting hunting opportunities.

Hunters use sounds such as goose calls from a resonant chamber, flute, and short-reed to get the attention of the honkers. While these are a bit more advanced, you can start with the basics of learning the honk, cluck, murmur, or moan. These four fundamental sounds are the best ways to imitate these large bodies. They say there is an art to goose calling and you have to learn how to read the birds reaction and adjust accordingly.

Best Equipment for Hunting Canadian Geese

You will find many who are hunting Canadian Geese in Utah, so you want to make sure you make every shot count. It is important that if you are in a group, you decide who will take the shot and position the group accordingly. Make sure you have extra shells with you in case you need to dispatch crippled geese. Using steel 2s or 4s are ideal for a shot of 15 yards. You can use BBs or larger pellets if it’s a nice day out and the birds are flying about 30 yards overhead. If you are looking to hunt in the longer range, its best to use BBBs and Ts. However, no matter what shot size you will be using, your pattern should release 60 pellets in a 30-inch circle at the longest range you are planning to shoot.