Fishing for the Wiper Fish

By: Christeena

wiper fish

The wiper fish, also known as hybrid striped bass or Whiterock Bass, is a hybrid from the cross between the striped bass and the white bass.  These fish can be distinguished from the striped bass by the broken horizontal stripes on the body rather than solid horizontal stripes. The wiper fish can tolerate extreme temperatures and low dissolved oxygen levels, this makes them a perfect gamefish for the on-site lake situated on a hot spring at Rush Lake Game Birds.  The hybrid striped bass are known for their aggressive feeding habits, making them highly sought-after by anglers.

Wiper fish became a popular gamefish in the US in the late 1980’s.  Their meat is firm, white and flaky and can be found in some restaurants.  At Rush Lake, when you catch a wiper it’s yours to take home and eat for $5/pound.  However, keep in mind these fish can grow up to 12 pounds in weight and 24 inches in length.  Definitely worth a photo at the very least.

Bait & Lures for Wiper Fish

Popular Baits

Since wiper fish have an aggressive feeding behavior, they’re easy to catch on a wide array of lures and baits.  They feed on baitfish, such as shad.  Dead anchovies or other minnows are also great bait options.  Wiper fish tend to use a “breaking” feeding method, meaning they feed on the surface making them visible and easy to catch.  They also tend to feed in schools, so you might see “boiling” on the surface when you’ve enticed them or when they’ve herded baitfish to the surface.  Either way, this is the opportune time to catch them.  Target wipers in the early morning dawn and late evening dusk hours.

Popular Lures

Popular lures used for catching wiper fish include casting spoons, “producers” – soft-body plastic fish replicas, buck-tail jigs, crankbait, and inline spinners.  Trolling is a popular technique to catch them if you have a boat.  The wiper fish can get quite large, it’s a good idea to use an 8 or 12-pound test line.  The current take-home limit for wiper fish in Utah is 6.  Check out Rush Lake Game Birds for great fishing year-round, no permit required.