Largemouth Bass in Utah

largemouth bassLargemouth Bass are commonly referred to as the black bass and belong to the sunfish family. You will find that these solitary fish have large and long heads and its upper jaw reaches past the center of the eye in adults. They are typically found hiding between rocks, under roots, or in the shadows ready to strike on their prey. The adult largemouth bass feed on small fish like sunfish and perch, and also enjoy insects, crayfish, and small aquatic birds. You can expect the largemouth bass to live between 16-20 years. 

Differences Between Males & Females Largemouth Bass

There are distinct differences between the fish’s genders. The females tend to be larger and live longer than male largemouth bass. Most females will be over eight or nine pounds. The males are responsible for making nests and guarding any eggs during the spawn. When you see a nest with just one largemouth bass in it, it is very likely the male.

Common Fishing Gear for Largemouth Bass

As the most popular freshwater gamefish in Utah, it is important that you have the best fishing gear for the largemouth bass. These fish can be caught all year round since they are able to adapt to various habitats. In the warm springs, you can find them in shallow areas, near thick vegetation, brush, or fallen trees. With all the thick vegetation, you need lures that can withstand that.

You can use skirted jigs in warm or cold weather to catch the largemouth bass. A one-ounce jig would be best for catching the this fish in thick vegetation. Jerk baits will also work year-round for catching them. Anglers can use jerk bait in scattered grass throughout the whole summer. The crankbaits are one of the top year-round baits for largemouth bass. You want to use wider wobbles to keep the fish biting and change up your bill shape with the conditions you are fishing in.