Game Bird Hunting in Utah at Rush Lake’s Hunting Ranch

At the recently opened Rush Lake hunting and fishing grounds you are sure to walk away at the end of the day having had an exceptional experience.  Located in nearby Toole County less than an hour drive from Salt Lake City, convenience is one of our biggest pulls.  No need to pack up the truck for an overnight trip, you can now easily have a quality morning hunt with your family or club and be back home by lunchtime.

Sportsmen with all levels of experience enjoy the plentiful grounds that include over eight types of birds including pheasants, chukars and many varieties of dove.  During the fall season, you will even get a chance to take aim at a few migratory birds including Canadian Geese.

Bird Hunting Grounds

Our well-managed, over 900-acre private hunting grounds, allows you more latitude than you have elsewhere.  There are no bag or time limits so you can enjoy until you’re out of ammo or can’t carry any more birds.  No permits are necessary on our grounds, and each species of bird is in full supply.  You’ll never find yourself trekking for hours without any sightings.

Year-round means exactly that–no off-season.  365 days, 7 days a week you are able to enjoy some of the best upland hunting in Utah.

The unique terrain of Rush Lake Game Birds adds to the fun.  Set against the backdrop of the Wasatch Front, you will experience challenging inclines and thick sagebrush.  The brush always proves to be common hiding areas for birds.  Tallgrass quickly gives way to open fields for clear shot wing shooting.  We even have shallow marshes that lead into the rivers and lakes where the Largemouth Bass and Wipers reside.

Experienced Guided Bird Hunts in Utah

Experienced guides can lead you along set trails, or you may decide to strike out on your own.  Select our hunting farm and which type of bird you will be hunting and enjoy the experience.

Make a reservation today, or if you are a frequent sportsman, consider a yearly pass.  You may find yourself visiting time and time again.

Rush Lake Game Birds — Keep your aim true and bring your sense of adventure.